mandag 27. april 2015

Bergen Seminar & Workshop April 24-26th 2015.

Hemmelig Tempo organized a seminar& workshop at latitude/longitude coordinates 60.394659, 5.310929 on April 24th-26th 2015. The agenda involved a formal meeting at 15:00 on Friday with Carte Blanche Dance Company regarding future collaboration in 2016. After having thoroughly confused the formal representatives of the dance company for the better part of the afternoon, the seminar adjourned the following day.

The first task due on Saturday morning was to complete the album "Are You Part of Some Kind of Cult?" This forthcoming concept album evolves around the discovery of an island of pseudo-science worshippers at an undisclosed location near you. The recording session culminated with a deafening Vuvuzela session which caused considerable concern within the neighborhood. It was decided by majority vote that the resulting 4 second track would replace a track featuring award-winning actress and actors Liv Ullmann, Anders Baasmo Christiansen and Dennis Storhøi. The latter track, "The Doomsday Machine", will shortly be released as a forthcoming single without further notice.

On Saturday evening, following a creative dead-end, the colleagues decided to move into the institution's workshop in order to conduct an experiment using only the tools and materials at hand. No animals were harmed in the experiment. However, Professor Waffel suffered a minor injury and may never be allowed anywhere near a metal spring again. The result of the workshop, an acoustic techno track, is documented in the following video.

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