tirsdag 7. oktober 2014

Report from the Emergency Festival in Bodø

"Dressed as chemists, Hemmelig Tempo offered a well-constructed wholesome of sound collages. Everything from industrial noise to pulsating beat measures and tiny keyboard themes were mixed at the music lab. It wasn't entirely devoid of humor either, and along with the accompanying image projections, the music stood as a pointed commentary on our technological existence.", wrote Avisa Nordland in reference to Hemmelig Tempo's live research session at the Emergency Festival  in Bodø in Northern Norway this year.

Not a word about the opening Pong game which Doktor Døv won by two points? No mention of Professor Waffel's Metal Detector Sequencer? Not impressed by the Unlikely Trio for bicycle pump, modified fan and hand-held synthesizer? It was all a commentary on something, but we are not quite sure exactly what.