lørdag 15. juni 2013

Bicycle Mixing System

Recorded and performed during Doktor Døvs Skjærgårdsseminar in Bergen June 7-9 2013, the Bicycle Mixing System consists of three - yes - bicycles, each equipped with an amplifier and speaker which transmits the sound of one of the following pre-composed sound sources: bass; beats and a combination of eclectric ukulele and organ. By placing microphones at each extreme side of the large-sized hall and manouvering the bicycles around the hall, a giant mixing system was in effect created, allowing unpredictable volume and panning effects that could not be replicated with a normal mixing board. Spatial music indeed. Alternatively, the experiment may be regarded as a public health initiative for professors and sound engineers alike.

onsdag 20. februar 2013

Dr. Space review

Dr. Space aka Scott Heller published a review of "Who Put John Cage on the Guest List?", concluding that "The music is totally experimental, far out, challenging, sometimes exciting, sometimes a bit too weird but always intriguing for patient people." He was right about the weirdness, we'd be the first to admit.


lørdag 19. januar 2013

Detailed review

Interesting and detailed review of Who Put John Cage on the Guestlist? from progressor.net: "a CD filled to the brim of some of the most uncompromising electronic music I've ever encountered"

"A production that I suspect will have a narrowly defined audience"

Also, a very nice description of our hit single: "Most accessible of all is A Study Dedicated to Arne Nordheim, but the brief click followed by six seconds of silence appears to be more of a comment about Nordheim as a composer than a musical statement as such."

See you on the charts!

(Gif made by LouLou)