mandag 17. mai 2010

Professor Waffel's Skjærgårdsseminar 2010

Seminar report
Participants: Professor Waffel, Doktor Døv, Professor Fokuda-san
Venue: casa Waffel, Fevik.
Date: 14-16th of May 2010

Having arrived by zeppelin and camel caravan, Professor Fokuda-san and Doktor Døv were collected in Arendal by Professor Waffel in his GH 14 with a 9.9 hp outboard motor. Although the latter professor claimed to have spotted seals on his way in, this could not be verified. Setting up base camp at casa Waffel in Søm Ruagerkilen Nature Reserve, the participants were facing a busy schedule including field excursions by GH 14, hydrophone recordings and a bird imitation experiment. 
Recording rocks, shells and driftwood on Jerkholmen, the participants were approached by some locals who inquired whether they were part of some kind of cult. Frankly, we are not sure. Ascending ancient grave monuments to rearrange rocks wearing laboratory coats certainly borders on the occult. Meanwhile, out at sea, an impromptu sound experiment was conducted using battery-powered gadgets which refused to lie still as the GH 14 rocked back and forth in the waves. 
Since Doktor Døv’s camel caravan left during the heavy rain the following day, the two remaining professors set up their equipment in the attic laboratory. They experimented with a Roland MSQ 700 sequencer which was linked via midi to an AKAI AX60 synthesizer and via DIN-synch to a Roland TR606 drum machine. This triggered Profssor Fokuda-san’s Rengjøring and Professor Waffel’s W5 Secret Bird Oscillator and received outgoing Controlled Voltage signals from a Roland CSQ 100 sequencer which also happened to trigger an ARP Axxe synthesizer. The result was quickly dubbed Uncontrolled Voltage and more than anything resembled a jazz trio with upright bass, saxophone and a drum kit grooving into the night. We will have none of that, thank you.

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