mandag 21. juli 2008

Professor Fokuda's Mountain Seminar 2008

Place: Rjukan July 18 - 21 2008
Itenerary: Day 1: Research/ Day 2: File Work/ Day 3: Editing
Participants and equipment:  
Professor Waffel: W2, scrap metal, kitchen utensils and wood
Professor Fokuda-san: Korg Kaoscillator, KP mini, 2 by 4, plastic tube
Doktor Døv: Circuit bent Casio VL-Tone, Roland SP-404, Ki-Sound MMX-4, Superslim Transistor Radio, plastic shoe-iron, kitchen utensils, shovel, gasoline can.

Due to late minute cancellation of Professor Waffels Skjærgårdsseminar, Professor Fokuda san promptly organized a replacement mountain seminar at Rjukan, Telemark. Arrived via Gaustadtoppen. Sun. Collected water from a man in underpants. Researched on scrap metal and debris behind cottage. Day two and three rain and thunder. Tracks for album "Who Put John Cage on the Guestlist?" filed and edited. Some of the files were surprisingly listenable.

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