torsdag 23. juni 2011

Artificial Bugs

Research for future installation
Date: June 23rd 2011
Participants: Doktor Døv and Professor Waffel.
Present but not participating: Professor Fokuda-san
Almost present but not quite: Skulelegen
Equipment: Glass plate, wood, AKG microphone, glow lamp, 3 artificial bugs

While Professor Fokuda-san was busy preparing for an imminent flight to Portland, Oregon, not far from Eugene in fact, Doktor Døv and Professor Waffel went shopping at Rubens Varme Gleder, a wonderful although a bit psychotic toy store in the middle of Bergen. Returning to the Institution with two bags full of toys, the colleagues promptly set up a wood shop and started constructing a box which could contain a trio of artificial bugs come percussionists.

Setting up a microphone and suitable lightning to set the mood for the three percussionists, the trio put on quite a Polish free jazz performance, frequently running each other over and getting lost in meters based on unilinear equations. Bugs on drugs. Unfortunately no animals were harmed in this experiment. 

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