tirsdag 27. november 2012

Nordmarkaseminar 2012

Hemmelig Tempo will attend a forthcoming seminar at Nordmarka, organized by Dr. Døv at a remote cabin which may or may not have electrical supply. Apart from information about the availability of a wood-cutter, little is known about the curriculum for the seminar at this point.

mandag 29. oktober 2012

Professor Waffel branches out

Professor Waffel was recently secretly observed by Professor Fokuda-san performing at a shady club at the outskirts of Copenhagen with an equally shady space-rock band called Seid. Moreover, Prf. Fokuda-san was able to document the use of regular meters and harmonics. Has Professor Waffel branched out? And what action will the board? Is there even a board at the Institution?

Meanwhile, Hemmelig Tempo have still to release their EP "See You in Court Motherfuckers!", which was due for release on magnetic tape in Northern Finland several months ago. Rumours of an impending seminar in connection with experiments related to the forthcoming album "Are You Part of Some Kind of Cult?" have so far not manifested themselves in tangible results. Stay tuned between frequencies for more.

fredag 13. april 2012

MUU FOR EARS 9 will be released at Lydgalleriet in Bergen on Friday 13th, 20.00 hours. What better day? Professor Fokuda-san will be present, representing Hemmelig Tempo, although it is highly unlikely that anybody will hear as much as a muu from him.


fredag 24. februar 2012

Seid album

Professor Waffel and Doktor Døv appear on the new Seid album "Magic Handshake" which is out now on Itunes, and to be released on vinyl and CD on the Italian label Black Widow Records in March.


Professor Waffel will also appear on the release concert with Seid on Mono in Oslo on March 1st with a selected miniature research kit which may or may not include Professor Waffel's Secret Bird Oscillator. 

torsdag 9. februar 2012

MUU in Stockholm

The MUU for Ears 9 compilation will be available for listening at MUU Gallery's exhibition at the Supermarket Independent Arts Fair at Kulturhuset Stockholm 17-19 february 2012. Rumours has it two unreleased tracks by Hemmelig Tempo are featured on the compilation, featuring contemporary sound art from Norway and Finland.

torsdag 26. januar 2012

Muu for Ears 9

The study "Double Tape Station" and one other unreleased track will be featured on the forthcoming Muu for Ears 9 compilation, focusing on sound art and experimental music from Norway and Finland this time.

onsdag 25. januar 2012

Review of "Who Put John Cage on the Guestlist?"

Assymmetry Music Magazine holds the 2011 album "Who Put John Cage on the Guestlist?" (Musea/Gazeul) by Hemmelig Tempo as one of their favorite releases of 2011.. Read the review here.
Buy the album on Itunes.